Garment Product

We’re Chinese clothing manufacturer , producing kinds of clothing, including  dress, shirt, blouse, skirts, pants, shorts, jacket, blaze etc, mainly focus on the  customized fashion styles. We’re not only good at woven style, but also doing kinds of knit style, include sweater, jersey style. 

We have own factory and sample-room, meanwhile also cooperated with good out-scouring factories, aiming to make our work and production in good price and punctual delivery.

Due to plenty experience on garment manufacturing, We also good at and familiar with kinds of fabric. So, we also help our customer source fabric and manufacture fabric. if you are interested in fabric issue, please check our fabric product page for more details. 

therefore, we could offer our customer full service on clothing production. 

Our usual order quantity is ask to be no less than 300pcs/style, but we have some extra small sewing line for very small order like 50pcs/style which are good for some customer just star-up. please feel free to contact us by mail, to mention your request, our team would do best to work out it. 


We produce kinds of dress, including mini-dress, maxi-dress, shirtdress,night dress .


We could make kinds of tops , such as shirts, blouse, jersey tops , tank top, vest etc.


Our skirt product include maxi skirt, mini skirt, pencel skirt etc.


We make kinds of pants, include short pants, long pants, jumpsuit, overall etc. 


we also do knit/sweater such as knit pullover, cardigan, dress, pant,etc. we could do gauge thin gauge like 16GG but also thick gauge as 3GG.

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